Argentina Republic is a country on the South America continent. It covers an area of around 2,800,000 square kilometers which is 6 times larger than Thailand (Thailand is 500,000 square km.) It’s also the 2nd largest in South America, 8th largest in the world. Even though Argentina is bigger than Thailand, but it has a smaller population. The estimated population is about 41,000,000 people. It’s connected to the north by Paraguay and Bolivia, to the east by Brazil, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the South Atlantic Ocean. The Chile and Andes Mountain Range is to the west. The capital city is Buenos Aires. Spanish is the official language of this country. So, if you can speak Spanish, it will benefit you. Many places names are in Spanish. The currency is Argentine Peso (ARS)($).  1 ARS = 0.2 USD or 7 baht. Argentina’s time zone is behind Thailand by 10 hours.

You don’t need a visa in order to visit Argentina. We can go and stay in Argentina but only for 90 days. If you lose your passport you have to go to the Thai Embassy in Argentina. 


White means peace
Blue means royalty 
The sun in the center of the flag is Sun of May. May is the month that Argentina got independence.

Let’s pack the bag! 

Before we go somewhere, we have to know what it’s like in that country so we can pack  our bag correctly! First thing you need to know is the climate of Argentina. There are 4 seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. In winter , Argentina gets some snow in many southern and central places. Spring in the northern region is very hot. April to mid-June is the best time for traveling. Winter is from June - September. Winter is also a great time to travel here too. So if you go during Spring, it’s ok to wear shorts and t-shirt because it’s quite hot. 

Argentina country code: 54. 
Address: Thai Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Av. Federico Lacroze 2158
1426 Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
Tel : (+54) (11) 4774-4415
         (+54)(11) 4772-1170
Emergency call: 101 (police), 107 (medical), 100 (fire)

 The flight to Argentina is around $2,502 or 78,000 THB. It takes around 28 hours. 

The public transportation in Argentina consists of buses, taxis,  commuter rails, metros and trams. Cycling is not very common in big cities. 

Taxis are very common here, safe and not expensive. Each city has different colored taxis and fares. 

Argentina is one of the world’s major food manufacturers. Typical dishes include meat, roast beef, asado and also lamb, chicken, and pork. Argentine food has influence of Italian immigrants. Meat will be always  served with chimichurri sauce made with herbs and chill. 

Empanadas are very common dishes severed at parties, family reunions or in national holidays. It’s an soft, buttery dough filled with beef, potatoes, onions, egg, scallions (หัวหอม), olives and spices. 

Locro (Stew)
Another popular dish of Argentine typical food is called locro (stew). It is a typical stew, often served on May 25th, the national day of Argentina. 

In central region of the country is wet area . The western has the Andes Mountain which run through this continent and divided Chile and Argentina. The highest point is the Aconcagua Mountain. 

Buenos Aires the city of tango (:
Buenos Aires is the capital city of this country. It is also known as the city of tango. Where tango dance was born. Many tourists come to see tango in this city. Some festivals in Argentina are to celebrate tango. The first tango bands were the Trios in 1870.


Friends Day is one of the most important celebrations in the country which takes place on July 20th. Everybody gets together for the event. The usual thing to do on that day is go to a restaurant or have dinner at your friends’ house. Many products on that day will labeled ‘for someone special’ or ‘A friend is always there. ’Friends Day is celebrated with cakes! Even for breakfast!

National Empanadas Festival happens on the 8th of April every year. Many Argentinians love Empanadas very much! The festival is celebrated at a large outdoor exhibition area. 

Tourist Attractions :)

Monte Fitz Roy is a 3,375 meter (11,073 ft) high mountain in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field on the border between Argentina and Chile. The mountain attracts many photographers because of its beauty.

Not only beautiful nature. Argentina also has big shopping centers! 

Florida Street is in Buenos Aires. With many modern and attractive shopping malls on this street it attracts many shoppers to shop here. It’s just like a mini times square from New York or Siam Paragon in Thailand. Example of malls on this street are Abasto and Patio Bullrich. But if you want to shop for knockoffs, I suggest you to shop at chinatown in Buenos Aires. 

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