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Sport Day at Sa-Nguan-Ying School 

Sport Day is very fun days for SY students (: occur 1 time a year. I'm in Red Team!

Wai Kru - A traditional ceremony :) 

Wai Kru is held on a Thursday because Thursday's star is the planet of Jupiter. Astrologers believe that Jupiter is the 'teacher star' since it gives knowledge concentration and wisdom. Every student should pay respect to their teachers. Students believe that by doing so. They'll receive merit and good luck in their studies throughout the academic year.

This is Pan Wai Kru of my class .

Wai Kru Ceremony in my school was on Thursday 7th June 2012. Our Pan Wai Kru won consolation prize. We were a little bit sad because we worked hard on it. :)

Flowers in Wai Kru ceremony :) 

There're 3 important flowers for Wai Kru ceremony

1. Kem flower

Kem flowers mean: Needle, to make students sharp-witted "as sharp as a needle"

2. Makeua or aubergine
Makeua or aubergine mean: respect and modest

3. Ya Praek (A kind of grass)        
Ya Praek (A kind of grass) mean: No matter how hard you trample it or sit on it, this kind of grass will never prick you, so it is considered respectful and humble.

Ep Night

The event takes place on 17 August 2012. In the event, there's performances from Ep teachers and students from grade 7- 12. 

These are pictures of our performance called 'Up All Night Party!'

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